I really wanted to give you a look inside a zero waste ( or reduced waste) changing bag. Living zero waste or as waste free as possible does mean taking out more stuff. So a good bag is essential. I am not a fan of big bags at all! I will show you my product in a second but first I want to talk about having the right bag!

Ok firstly the bag I am using currently is a beautiful Cath Kidston changing bag. It is not large or bulky just how I like. I recently got it on ebay as I fancied something a little prettier than my Jansport bag that I had been using. I have actually done a zero waste changing bag video on it here and it is a bag I have used since school!!! It has been brilliant and I used it with a rucksack divider insert (links in video). It was very practical but I decided I wanted something prettier.

I have been using the following 2 bags in the past that have worked great for zero waste.

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On the right is the Pacapod Oban and I have done a video review on it  here. It is fantastic and so versatile. It is a very rare one they released and the fact it is patent makes it brilliant in the rain. It can fit so much in (2 babies in cloth nappies here plus more!) and brilliant for babywearing as it converts to a rucksack. The rings in the top mean you can clip it to the pram with these pram clips.

This bag is actually for sale 🙁 and you can buy it here on my ebay account. I feel I may regret the sale entirely but I desperately want a Fjallraven Kanken which is a Swedish rucksack. The reviews are AMAZING so stay turned for that as I am determined to get one!

The one on the left is a Cath Kidson (also for sale here) Though due to my babywearing, we never became friends. At the end of this article I have a video list and the changing bag collection one will tell you why!

But today I want to show you want is in my new Cath Kidston rucksack and I can fit LOADS in


what is in my changing bag, zero waste changing bag,


Snack Bags

snack bag, zero waste changing bag,

I got this from Essex mama and there is an ever better “Snack Bitch” one that I kind of wish I got now!!

I also have the little Planet wise wet bag which I use for snacks and is BPA free. This bag is literally full of bribes! mostly health loose snacks in no packaging such as raisins and fruit, but I won’t lie…there is mini Haribo and lollies in there for when shit really hits the fan!!


Cloth Nappies and Wipes/wetbag

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I also carry around 2 cloth nappies. These are Tots Bots Stretchies and we love them as my son is a very heavy wetter. We can get around 2-3 hours out of one so for most days only 2 are needed but on longer days I carry more. I also carry a spare wrap (these nappies need a wrap) and also a Wetbag which I have not included as its in the wash but it folds small. We use the Bambino Bio Wetbag. This wipes case was brought before I really went all out on Zero waste and brought less plastic waste. It is not a zero waste option but works for us. (mini wet bags don’t seem to for some reason) I always pre wet my wipes. But once this dies or I gift it then we plan to get a small Stainless steel Elephant box container which is an eco friendly snack box option. lots of people scrunch up wipes and use the mini container.



I also keep this wrist strap but I have seen better ones here. These are handy for busy roads when Albert wants to walk and more compact than his little light rucksack one he has. Also this black clip is an accessory clip for my sling. Means I can wear it on front or back carry with more security!

Bio degradable insert nappies and wipes!zero waste, whats in my changing bag, bumgenius insert,

These have been in the bag a long time but are just incase items! Just incase we run out! We always use cloth and always have a spare wrap inside the bag. This is a Bumgenius Flip disposable Insert which sits inside the wrap as a nappy. It is biodegradable and compostable. We also have these Beaming baby biodegradable wipes sample…again just incase!

Spare Clothes!

spare clothes bag, changing bag, whats in my changing bag, zero waste ,

Its rare we need them but you never know. This little bag I have had for years and fits well into the bottom of my bag! I always keep a T-shirt and shorts in there for several reasons. Both boys though 2,5 years apart can share as my eldest is so slim and short! My eldest often gets so hot in soft plays and so I do find myself changing him if he has trousers on.


Drink and suncream

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This drink is a stainless steel large bottle and the boys share. The lid is plastic and I am looking at the Klean Canteen options next as they are not only a lifetime product that is brilliant for the environment, but they keep hot drinks hot for 20hours and cold drinks cool for 50!! And We use a spray sunscreen that is factor 30 as we are having a heatwave and I HATE IT!!!!!30 degrees is too hot when there is no pool!!

My Life Gear innit!

zero waste changing bag, changing bag, zero waste

Phone, Wallet (again Cath Kidston), prescription sunglasses, forever cloth bags, red lips (for life!) headphones and fidget spinner! These are the essentials! I do bring sticker books or small figures (plastic so we get these in charity shop) or wooden trains/ charity shop little metal cars if on a long day out.


ten little fingers and ten little toes, zero waste changing bag,

Ok well one book! And it is rotated! Albert LOVES reading. His brother not so much. But a friend recently got us this and it is ADORABLE! it may make you cry!! It slots in the back slit of the bag well and we just love it!!

I do hope you enjoyed this rummage through my bag and it inspired you and you see how zero waste doesn’t have to be bulky!!

See my video below also! What sort bag do you like?

Yammy xx

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32HU-6yJtH0[/embedyt] [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apdR7QHfex8[/embedyt] [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K110fdBqsIU[/embedyt]

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