The Best Breastfeeding Essentials you will ever need!

The Best Breastfeeding Essentials you will ever need!

I have done a few breastfeeding videos but thought it was about time that I did some blog posts on it too!

So getting right to the point I am going to recommended some of my most essential items for breastfeeding.

I can hands down say that I don’t think I could have even breastfed if it wasn’t for some of these items. Some people may not find this but comfort in this day and age where we do so much alone is essential. My son is now 19 months old and we are still feeding.

Medela Milk Shells

These are amazing!! Like literally amazing. These Medela Shells collect milk that has been let down from the breast you are not feeding on. If you are like me and have a slightly over supply and constant letdowns even when not feeding then these are great.

You can collect the milk and pour it into a bottle. Don’t use it alone though make sure you mix it with pumped milk or use if maybe as a cream or in the bath. This is because it will likely be fore milk which alone can give baby a tummy ache.

When I first saw them I was really worried about how they would look under clothes. I admit I did use them mostly in the house but out and about also. If anything they give you more shape and do no look silly which is incredible. It has a slight groove on the top so make sure you don’t bend over! But they can be discreetly popped in and out.



Lansinoh Breast pads

When I had my eldest, I brought a lot of cheap supermarket pads. I had massive over supply and leaked through them all. Even as a zero waste blogger, the cloth pads just didn’t cut it. If you only have minimal let down and don’t worry too much about leaking then I HIGHLY recommend bamboo cloth breastpads

But if like me you really do need something more then lansinoh pads really are the very best. They have a gel core so also help with any soreness you may experience in the early days. I was able to get these to last most of the night, with sometimes needing the occasional change on the left which is the breast that seemed to leak the most!

Feel these are essential in enabling you to actually wear cloth you are comfortable in. They are super discreet and can not be seen.


A Decent Hospital Grade Breastpump

Breastpumps are not for everyone but lots find them helpful. I certainly did and was able to build a good stash for when I returned to work. People will often tell you to buy cheap. This is not good advice because if you struggle on days and have a pump that isn’t effective, then it will only make you feel disheartened.

There are companies where you can hire pumps and most midwifes also have this service. If you do decided to buy a second hand pump make sure you buy a CLOSED system. This means that no milk will be aspirated in and thus reduce cross contamination.

Medela freestyle (both double and single can be brought) and the Spectra  are hospital grade pumps that can be brought second hand.

I used the Medela Swing and it was brilliant. I loved it so much compared to a second hand Tommee Tippee pump where I got not even a drop out! I was able to pump ounces of milk.

Nursing vests for Night time

I say night time as I am going to follow this with a little hack you can do on your vest tops! But for night time it is really nice to have something you can clip down. I used the H&M Nursing Vests

There are not only built with hidden support but they are so easy and simple to use with a clip down and because of the support you can wear them out alone on a hot day and they look decent and discreet.

nursing vest, breastfeeding essentials


Nursing vest hack!

Ok this is a MUST and I say a MUST…. I have shared this with so many people and it literally not only really supported their breastfeeding but enables you to wear what you want. I always did one up one down nursing and if you want to see a video on discreet breastfeeding click here

Nothing more annoying than undoing a nursing vest and a top at the same time. Plus the clasps get annoying. But the best thing I did was buy cheap vest tops from Primark or H and M which is more ethical.(Charity shop even more so!) and cut the top of the straps and loop them. Just a basic stitch will do.



Use this loop over any of your nursing bras


nursing vest hack, how to breastfeed discreetly, nursing top,


You have now created a nursing top that can be done in one clip!!


Turn Any bra into a Nursing Bra!!

I will insert a video for this but you can buy all the kit at the Suckle Store on facebook

You can literally turn any bran into a nursing one! though underwire is nor recommended, But I do recommend this with more structured and shaped maternity bras.



Hakka Breastpump

This is a slightly different sort of pump. I can’t even describe it! What it does it suctions onto the breast. Its a bit like the shells in that it only collects let down milk, but the suction allows the nipple in and so draws the milk out so to speak and thus you get a lot more! Also a lot more relief if engorged and can save you money on a double pump. I used this when little one was only feeding on one breast to draw milk out the other without pumping. It is silicone and BPA free.


Books – Food of love

This book….is INCREDIBLE. It is by far the best book out there. It is very much based on attachment parenting, supportive of co sleeping and safe co sleeping and very holistic. It has diagrams and beautiful illustrations all drawn by Kate and its just so beautiful to read.


Creams and Compresses

Perhaps these should have gone at the top but also essential in the early days.  Even the most experienced of feeders, even women who are tandem feeding often need these! Babies are learning also and it is a skill that takes practice. It can make you a little sore so I highly recommend the Mam Compresses which are so soothing and can be worn in a bra and doesn’t need to be cleaned before feeding.


Also Lansinoh cream which is lanolin cream and so incredibly soothing and helps so much with any tenderness, sore or crack nipples. It also doesn’t need to be removed or wiped off before a feed.


Thank you so much for reading and do hope it helps. Please share this to help as many mums as we can!

Make sure you check out my breastfeeding playlist on YouTube

What was you essential Item for breastfeeding? leave you comments down below I would love to hear from you!

Yammy xxx





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