Slow Rising HCG??

Slow Rising HCG??

I know!! I have not written here much at all. Fear not I have a lot going on. I am going to leave some videos linked to sort or “show you!’ It has been a tough few months. On top of that I have been working on a few projects and planning the future on my blog and vlog which I hope will be good for its future!

Basically….11 weeks ago I found out I am pregnant. It was a shock and I will do an update more in-depth soon on this as I am sure I will get a lot of questions. It all started with a early pregnancy test. I took it a week before my period was due. I don’t know why I just came over feeling all funny and rather than think I was ill, like a zombie I walked upstairs and took a left over pregnancy test from when I had Albert. No idea why I never chucked that either. But this pregnancy was NOT planned. Too see those lines was a shock!

I will write further about what happened another day but below are my updates. I had slow rising HCG levels and was basically told the pregnancy was not viable. I am still anxious it isn’t. Or that something bad is going to happen because….WHY DID MY HCG NOT DOUBLE?? WHY?? Why did my pregnancy continue? Will it continue? Is everything ok? Does this mean something is wrong? Only time will tell. I shall tell the full story soon but here you can catch up from the heat of the moment









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