Recently I have found myself looking at  reviews online rather than Youtube videos. They have been super helpful and it occurs to me that though I have done a review of the mountain buggy on YouTube, I have not written about it. So here goes!

There have been several different models of the mountain buggy to be released. I decided to go second hand. This fits me zero waste ethos but also I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn’t sure I would like until I tried it for a while. I can say I was not disappointed. I chose the 2014 model for a few reasons.

I knew I would want to use it as a single with the Joey Tote basket on the side. This only fits the 2012 model onwards but NOT 2017+ models.

It was the model I liked the most in terms of seating, price and adaptability.

mountain buggy duet, double pushchairs, best double pushchairs


The Chassis compared to other doubles

Before this pram I had an Icandy Peach to blossom. I always thought I would prefer a double with one seat on top of the other. I was wrong! Not only was it heavy and awkward, but I struggled to get my youngest out of the bottom through the chassis bars. Also both boys wanted to interact with each other, which they couldn’t do.

The duet, at 63 cm in width, is the same wheel width as a standard single buggy meaning it fits pretty much through any door. Including my front door which is pretty narrow and I live in a small cottage!

The seats are slightly more narrow than a single pushchair but this has never been an issue for us at all.

My eldest hardly goes in it now but being a very small 4 year old he gets super tired and we have needed it on the occasional long day out, or long walk back from pre school. He still fits in it no trouble but he is on the slimmer side. The test will come with my youngest who is much chunkier!

mountain buggy duet, toddler and baby in double pushchair, best double pram, best double pushchair

The bumper bar

I love this bumper as you can unclip it and swing it open for ease of access to your child, meaning you don’t have to take the whole thing off. This can be done on either side.

Seat harness

It has a 5 point harness but the best bit its the small leavers meaning its so so easy to adjust! No feeding or anything like that. Just lift the plastic leaver and adjust. It also comes with clips at the shoulders making it so much easier to remove or insert sleeping children without moving their arms much!

Metal Plated foot rest

I won’t lie this can be annoying if your child decided to keep kicking it! But the novelty soon wore off with my boys! The foot rests on the new models as seen above can now be raised up for smaller children. The 2014 model doesn’t have this feature but again it has never been an issue for us.

Wheels and breaks

Mountain buggies come with their standard air filled tires that are swivel or lockable. These are a dream to push!! It makes the pram so lightweight. We have never (touch wood!) had a puncture but I know a few people who have taken theirs to a local garage to have ‘slimed’. This is a gel that is filled inside to stop deflation if there is a puncture. And if it is something you are worried about, you can also buy the aero tec wheels which are normal standard wheels that are not air filled.

I would suggest however sticking with the air filled as during our very snowy 2017/18 winter, we had no trouble pushing this pram over even the thickest of snow. Most standard buggies wouldn’t have even budged!

They are also very easy to remove with one hand.  Good for muddy wheels in the car.

Handle and Breaks

The handle is fully adjustable and can be raised right up. Something which works really well with a buggy board or Freerider board meaning your child doesn’t have to worry about hitting their head on it. The new models come with a break on the handle I believe but unsure how good this is.

Freerider Buggy board

We LOVE this! It is a scooter that clips on and off the pram. It is fantastic for school runs. My little boy gets very tired quickly and loves to scoot but is happy for me to clip it on after a while and be pushed along. It can clip on the far edge of the pram, meaning there is room for parent to push without clipping the back of the board.

mountain buggy duet,freerider buggy board


Basket and Joey tote

This is what appealed to me the most. I liked the concept of the Bugaboo Donkey. However stylish it may be, it has a hefty price tag even second hand. What I did not like was that it had to be either a single or double when taken out. My son walks a lot and likes to jump in when tired. The mountain buggy has fabric seating meaning that in minutes you can take one seat off, fold it and put it in the basket below!

mountain buggy duet, joey tote basket, joey tote on mountain buggy duet

I then replaced it with the Joey Tote canvas basket in seconds. Meaning I can keep shopping, bags, snacks to hand. Also should the eldest decide to jump in after I have been shopping, the lower basket is still a good size and so all shopping can be transferred under there.

This is by far my favourite feature.

Joey Tote clip on

Now this is a different product with the same name. It is a large basket, rather like a carry cot frame that clips on. It can not be placed under or fold away. I was sent one and so tried it out but I have to say I did not like it. The front sticks out very far making it look awkward with no style at all. I am sure it is practical for a good amount of shopping. But I was quick to return it.

Carrycots and car seats

I have not yet used this with a car seat or a carrycot but I plan to do so and will update when I do. However I have heard that it is very easy to use with 2 car seats and is compatible with most on the market. Adapters along with other items can be purchased online and direct through Mountain buggy.

It can also be used with just one car seat and normal main seat plus a variety of other combinations.

Carrycot Plus is the latest carrycot that mountain buggy make and is a carrycot  a seat unit that parent faces up to 3 years!

It is narrow however. Some people may not like this. However I have heard babies are more content as its more snuggly and enclosed.

Combinations and Accessories

This pram is a full travel system with all the following combinations if needed.


You can purchase many innovative accessories from Mountain buggy such as skis to go on wheels for snow (though this pram will be pushed fine without on snow), drink holders, adapters, hoods, spares and all sorts.

The Pros

  • It is easy to push and fits through pretty much any door.
  • Children can interact with each other
  • It is fully adaptable to your needs and for any age gap up to 18kg
  • It is incredibly light to push and can be used over bumpy and rocky terrains
  • Its good value for money and can be picket up second hand for around £200
  • Adjustable handle the is great for people of all heights and strides
  • Very large basket underneath
  • Can hold a Freerider board.
  • Can be adapted to single with Joey Totes basket (2014-16 models only)
  • Can be taken out as a single with the tote and spare seat carried underneath. Meaning if you child gets tired, you can convert it back to a double again. No need to take it out as a double if you don’t need to.
  • Great for twins and you can even get a twin carrycot for it

The Cons

  • It is bulky when folded and heavy to lift. However I have a Scoda Fabia and provided I take the parcel shelf out I can fit it in fine at an angle.
  • Depending on the combination you want, means you may need different adapters. There is one adapter for a single car seat and different ones for double car seats. You can only fit a single car seat on the right of the pram only.
  • The seats are narrow. This has not been a problem for me at all or anyone I know but if you have a larger child you may find it an issue.
  • It comes with a double storm/rain cover. But may be an issue if you are using it as a single with carrycot/car seat. In which case you will need to buy a separate single cover for the seat. Though a universal one may be ok.

Be sure to check back for an updated review but for a double, I score this 9/10!


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