So we took the plunge and we have moved Albert our now 20 month old into a room with his big brother!! I have been so nervous about this for several reasons.

1. He a really really light sleeper. The tiniest thing will often wake him up and we notice it during his sleep cycles so often when he isn’t far off the end of a sleep cycle. One sleep cycle will last around 7 – 10.30 then he stirs. His older brother sleeps through anything!

2. He still wakes in the night for a bottle usually around 4.30/5oclock. In our room he would drink it himself, chuck it and all back to sleep until around 6.30. I tried water to no avail!

Sebastian was the same around this age only rather than have a bottle and go back to sleep, he stayed awake!!!

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We only live in a small house and you can read here about how we live in a smaller home with 2 children. Though we do plan to move soon.

I also have tiny house living series on Youtube where you can follow my minimalism journey and tips on living in a smaller house. I am doing a boys room tour soon.

Sebastians rooms is not too small that we can’t put a bunk bed in and still have space! SO I decided to get this Ikea Kura bunk. I like it as it is adaptable. You can have the bed at the top or bottom and get slats to turn it into a bunk. But we decided to keep the toddler bed for now to see how Albert got on and turn it into an L shape in the room to create this play nook.

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They love playing in it and it is super cosy! Albert enjoys cars so we have put a basket of cars and the garage in there which he loves to sit in and play. We added these cute star light up pillows which make lovely night lights.

The bunk is for children aged 6 plus. Sebastian is 4 but we felt he was ready. He is a competent gymnast and on top of the sides we also recently brought him this dream tent which is not only fun, but adds extra security.

I wouldn’t say it was fantastic bombastic for the price, but he really enjoys it. However you can get similar in Ikea.

If you build this bed in a smaller room, make sure you start building it where it will go. We didn’t quite do that  (it was very late and we had a busy and tiring day!) and had had to take the end off to move it.

But it is straight forward to build.

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We were very luck that Sebastians wardrobe fit in perfectly and only just. We have used the top of it as a sort of station for him. We keep his books, gro clock and water on there so he can reach for his own things and Albert can’t get to them.

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How they Slept…

Getting them to sleep first night was a challenge. It was all exiting and the were messing about but we got there!

Sebastian always goes to sleep fast. So they have a story together, kiss goodnight and then they get into bed. I put Ollie the Owl which is a white noice machine with cry sensor and helps so much! I do have to sit a while until Alberts asleep. He used to settle find until around 18 months and now I have to sit with him!

We have only done 2 days of sleep here and it has been super hot at 26 degrees. Albert woke at 5am the first night. I managed to get him off to sleep in the toddler bed but then Sebastian woke at 5.15 which woke Albert. I brought Albert into my bed and told Sebastian to go back to sleep as it was too early or “blue” on the gro clock. Sebastian toddled in at 6.15 saying he couldn’t sleep! Both were very grumpy that day! This isn’t usual. Its hot and seems lots of parents are struggling!

This morning however Albert slept until 4.30 and I found him about to walk into my bedroom crying. So I brought him, gave him his milk and he slept until 7. Sebastian slept until gone 7. Both were really tired  from the morning before but woke in better moods!

For the first 2 nights I am pleased. I will start to persevere keeping Albert in his bed. If I can get him to sleep an hour longer at least that would be brilliant and so much healthier for him also.


Please let me know if you have any tips and how your children got in sharing a room?



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