HELLO!!! I am back! Its been a short while but what with the summer holidays and last 2 weeks having no childcare I decided to take the time off. But the time the evening comes I just want to get into bed and I have been feeling so tired!

So I am currently approaching 23 weeks this Friday so I am going to do my 21 and 22 week update. There is a bit to tell and if you already follow me on YouTube then you would have likely seen our gender reveal!!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c687ygfPRc[/embedyt]

It was a bit of a shock and I won’t lie I have been very anxious about it all. I have been filled really severe anxiety this pregnancy given the very rocky start and it has just made me feel really frightened.

But having been told we are having a Girl I just couldn’t believe it and still very worried and anxious that it is wrong. Mainly as Sebastian would be devastated and I know Chris and his mother would be (there are no females in her family or hardly any in Chris’s family since her Mum /his nan passed away.)

I would also be very sad but mainly for my pockets!! As I have already sent off all the baby boy clothes to other family members having baby boys (see what I mean by no girls!) and I have brought baby girl clothes. Not many and mostly thrifted but still.

Here in our county, the NHS do no tell you the gender so you have to pay privately. I went to the same clinic I did with the other 2 boys and this time I went slightly later at 21 weeks. I did not get told in the room however. She wrote it down and handed it to Chris who told me later. She did check twice, I called back and she confirmed. I even emailed again and they confirmed again. But still….. I am anxious! They have a very good reputation but it still makes me anxious.

I don’t know why I feel this way and just general anxiety about the health of the baby, the logistics of my labour like who will have the kids etc are all playing on my mind.

Anyway here is the bullet point run down…

How far along?22 week 6 days today! Sebastian has started school (that was emotional!) and so I know now that it will fly by!
Total weight gain: Again no idea by ore than I did with Albert! Far more!
Maternity clothes? Yes! and I have started getting out the old maternity and nursing bras. Just brought some more H&M Maternity leggings!
Stretch marks? Non yet! I have never had any stretch marks in any of my pregnancies. This is often genetic and I think a combination of having good supple skin I inherited from my mum has helped.
Sleep: Again struggling but I think some of this is anxiety.
Best moment this week: Buying in the baby girl clothes. Really wanting to shift this anxiety! I have plenty now for an up and coming video haul!
Miss anything? No… I am really trying to embrace it all but I would really love to be able to walk faster!
Movement: Yes! lots more not and its getting more of a pattern
Food cravings: No not as such. Though again I think I would rather sweet things
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am still feeling on and off a little grotty. I keep wrenching a lot and sometime strong smells will make me feel sick.
Gender: Baby Girl.
Symptoms: Quite a few odd ones this week. SO I feel like I have actually lost my sense of smell! I can smell very strong things but even at home I can even smell Alberts nappy or anything!
I am also having terrible trouble with my back and hips. It really hurts to walk longer than 10 mins and the midwife says it can take around 4 months post breastfeeding to get some strength back in the joints. Since I only stopped around a month ago and had 2 babies is 5 years my joints are soft so I am prepared for it to get worse apparently!
Belly button in or out? Starting to pop out!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time so far! Just so bloody anxious! Oh and I am more emotional and tearful
Looking forward to: To her arrival! Thats if she is a she!! Just want everything to be ok and baby safe in my arms now.

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