Firstly hello if you are new! I have only really announced and talk about my pregnancy on my YouTube and not on anything else! It is best to watch the video I am going to post just below first before you read on and you will see why. I had a rocky start, and I will don’t understand why it all happened and I am still incredibly anxious about it. With every single update I fear I may not get to see it all out. I have my 20 week scan next week and I shall know more then.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPkBiemtLRk[/embedyt]

Hopefully this video gives you some understanding as to where I am coming from with my anxiety.

Lets try and keep this upbeat as we can though! At the end of the day, in there hear and now I am pregnant and trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Also please let me know if you want weekly updates or fortnightly like this one?

17 weeks pregnant, 17 week pregnancy update, slow rising hcg


How far along? 16 – 17 weeks!We are in the middle of summer holidays and trying to keep as busy with my other 2 children as much as I can. Its been hard though as Albert my youngest is so active and at 20 months very hard to keep up with. He also bolts and runs off suddenly and is so daring. I am finding it harder the bigger I get! I am so glad that I am full term in winter, as I can contain him more in a soft play or baby group!!
Total weight gain: I am actually unsure!! I started out at 48kg (around 7.5 stone) I am pretty sure I am far more than that now! I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and see to post for next time!. With Albert I gained only 5kg and lost it all right after. My diet hasn’t changed and I am far more active but for some reason I am gaining faster!!
Maternity clothes? Yes! I rocked these out at around the end of 15 weeks. Literally one day I could do up my jeans and the next not at all! I kept all what I Had so just wearing maternity shorts and I do have some jeans but its been too hot for those. So mostly wearing maxi dresses which work perfectly!
Stretch marks? Non yet! I have never had any stretch marks in any of my pregnancies. This is often genetic and I think a combination of having good supple skin I inherited from my mum has helped.
Sleep: Albert finally sleeps through now! He shares a room with his brother as I wrote a Post here about and it has helped. He will come in at around 5.30-6.30 and have a bottle and go back to sleep in our bed! So that is pretty much a full night. I need to go to bed earlier though which is my biggest downfall. I have been having crazy dreams though! oh and waking up for a wee which I HATE!! No bad reflux yet that is effecting sleep like with my other 2!
Best moment this week: Non that I can think of with the pregnancy but generally had a good week and met up with some lovely friends who live in different parts of the country. We all do mid way meets and its so nice! The kids had a wonderful time and so did I!
Miss anything? No… I am really trying to embrace it all to be honest:)
Movement: Yes! I am feeling a lot of flutters and little kicks at night. And sometimes in the day. I can feel hard sections on my bump at times like a back, or leg or something that feels sensitive to touch like its all boney!!
Food cravings: No not as such. I have never had massive cravings then again my diet isn’t the best and I do think I often lack in stuff making me crave stuff even when not pregnant! I defo feel more of a pull to sweet things but again on occasions savoury and sour things like pickled eggs!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular but it hasn’t totally gone away. Evenings I can feel pretty grotty!
Gender: No idea but I am 99% sure its a bot. There are 19 men in the Mackin side and only 9 girls. I have been told that it is likely the Mackin men carry  a version of the gene known as “mm” and thus produce more sperm with the Y chromosome and are likely to have sons. There are 5 boys in Sebastians generation already and I see us adding to the 6th! Chris will be finding out the gender, and though I know deep down what I am having, I would like a surprise as I have never had one! Gender doesn’t bother me. As those of you may know (and I will write another post about it) My Eldest son is not a “typical” boy. He is into dolls and dresses and his favourite toy is an Elsa doll that he spends hours doing her hair! He loves dressing in princess dresses and watches a lot on tele. He wants a hairdresser head for Christmas so we will get him one. I don’t feel I am missing out of the “girly” things people say I will ! I get it all from him!
Symptoms: Cramps and stretching pain. Still some nausea and feeling sick and seriously bad fatigue!! I am also getting a lot of back pain and hip pain and waddling already! I had a terrible back bad with Albert, I was bigger in my bump with him but small build at only 55kg at birth and my body almost couldn’t handle his weight. It really messed with my back. This time round  I am sure I am bigger and hoping I can support it a bit more! that was the hardest bit about the pregnancy!
Belly button in or out? In just!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time so far!
Looking forward to: Starting to buy some bits!! I have brought a pre loved limited edition Mothercare Orb! I can’t wait to try it its gorgeous and I will write a full review on it!
mothercare orb, limited edition mother care orb,
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Yammy xx

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